Hello! We’re CathyBettyDotty, and we’re glad you’re here.

Our Origin 

In 2017, 8Distribution LLC was founded in Las Vegas. Currently, our distribution company operates with a team of four: James, Kimberly, Mara, and Todd.


We launched CBDeliveryLV early in 2019. The purpose of 8Distribution LLC’s specialized delivery service is simple: to bring the hemp extract products we distribute from our store to your door.


Our journey continues with CathyBettyDotty, 8Distribution LLC’s hemp extract wellness brand. The CathyBettyDotty promise: Simple ingredients. Amazing results.

Our Brand

CathyBettyDotty is an 8Distribution LLC brand. Our products contain aromatherapy-grade and skin-safe essential oils, natural fillers such as beeswax and shea butter, and third-party lab-tested hemp extract.


CathyBettyDotty launched in 2019 with two hemp extract wellness products: the Da-Balm-Dot-Com salve and the Roll On With My Homies body oil, both carrying the Cathy Care aromatherapeutic relief formula. Our Betty Beauty must-have, the Too Legit To Lip flavored lip balms, followed soon after.

What’s the story behind CathyBettyDotty?

Love the Golden Girls? We do, too! We created three of our own beloved golden girl personas: Cathy, Betty, and Dotty. 


Cathy is your hippie auntie with a green thumb and a talent for making homemade herbal remedies. Betty is your beauty guru auntie with a flawless skincare routine and a cosmetics collection. Dotty is your large-hearted auntie with her passion for animal care and rescue. 


These amazing ladies represent the three facets of our brand. Clever, right? All of our products are formulated as something Cathy, Betty or Dotty would use. 

How does CathyBettyDotty name products?

Da-Balm-Dot-Com, Roll On With My Homies and Too Legit To Lip are pretty awesome names. It’s true.


We love situating our products with nostalgic references to the ‘80s and ‘90s! During those days, we would have appreciated having our own Cathy, Betty, and Dotty to turn to for help and advice. Don’t you agree? Think of our product names as our favorite aunties crossing the generation gap to meet us in the middle.

Our Community

CathyBettyDotty cares about the planet. We partner with Vibe Tribe LLC to sponsor events to increase our local community’s awareness and engagement when it comes to reducing plastic pollution.


Our November 2019 collaboration, the Vibe Tribe Yoga Hike, combined a nature hike with trail debris cleanup and an exhilarating outdoor yoga session. Join us for our next adventure!